The Magic's in the Frost


Bushman offers replacement reed plates for the Delta Frost harmonica that are the best deal in the harmonica trade! Not only are the reeds made of long lasting, tune-holding Phosphor Bronze, but the plates come mounted on the comb! That's right, you just take the cover plates off your old Delta and put them on this new unit and you're back in business! To order, see below!

USA Brick and Mortar Music Stores

If you live in the USA, click here to see a list of the brick-n-mortar music stores who carry our harmonicas.  You might discover there's a store near you.

USA Dealers

Sweetwater gives their customers fast, personal sevice. They have excellent systems - most orders ship the same day! This is a company that is so amazing I want to order a Delta Frost from them just so I can say that I'm a Sweetwater customer! Order now online, or call 800-222-4700.

You can buy directly from us if you ever bought from us between 1996 and 2012 - you are grandfathered in as a Bushman customer for life!   Order online, or call 317-250-8156.

Fast, courteous customer service, and the fact that Ron knows a lot about harmonicas make Rockin' Ron's a great place to buy your Delta Frosts. Order online, or call 858-736-4068.

Another knowledgeable and courteous harmonica guy, Fred just might be our most interesting dealer - ask him about his other job! Order online, or call 215-576-6828.

United Kingdom Dealer

If you live in the United Kingdom, please order our Bushman Delta Frost harmonicas from Steve and Rachel at Eagle Music. Order online, or call 01484 661460.

Canada Dealer

If you live in Canada, please order our Bushman Delta Frost harmonicas from Kaz at Musician's Web Store. Order online, or call 888-849-9021.

Italy Dealer

Se vivete in Italia, si prega di ordinare i nostri armoniche Bushman Delta Frost da Lamberto a Milano Musica di Milano.  Order online, or chiamare 02 45395230

Aruba Dealer

If you find yourself Aruba, please order our Bushman Delta Frost harmonicas from Cliff at Cliffix Music. Get their Info here, or call 297-582-9660.

Poland Dealer

If you live in Poland, please order our Bushman Delta Frost harmonicas from Tomek at Order online, or call 501 503 378.