Bushman Harmonica of the Month Club
Benefits & How It Works
To Join, call 317-250-8156

Join today, and receive a Delta Frost harmonica in the mail,
automatically every month!

Benefits for Joining:

It's FREE to Join!  Just call us, and give us your info, and you're in.  We'll only charge your card $35.00 when we send your first Delta Frost harmonica.  And then we'll charge you $35.00 on the first business day of each month when we send your Harmonica Of The Month.  You can quit anytime with no penalty and no requirement to pay for any of the free stuff you already received.  

FREE shipping! All harmonicas of the month are shipped to you freight free.  In fact, HOTMC members receive free shipping on any orders they place with Bushman!

FREE Bushman Harmonicas "Built In The USA" Sticker!  Along with your first harmonica, we'll send a rated for outdoors, glossy finished 3" x 5" sticker.  Click here to see it.

FREE Handmade Leather Harmonica Holster! Along with your second Harmonica Of The Month, we'll send a very high quality, handmade, hand shaped to exactly fit a Delta Frost, hand-sewn, and guaranteed to last your lifetime, leather harmonica holster.  Click here to see it.

2 FREE Delta Frost harmonicasYou will be sent 14 Delta Frost harmonicas but only be charged for 12 of them.  You'll be sent the first free harmonica along with your 6th Harmonica Of The Month, and the second free harmonica will come along with your 12th Harmonica Of The Month.

Pay the lowest price!  Delta Frost harmonicas sell for $37.99 but Harmonica Of The Month club members pay only $35.00. 

All harmonicas of the month come backed by a limited 1 year guarantee! If a Delta Frost that you received through the Harmonica Of The Month Club goes out of tune or stops performing correctly, just call 317-250-8156 with the harmonica in hand. We'll have you play it to determine the problem and to make sure it's not something we can fix over the phone. If we determine that the harmonica fell out of tune or stopped performing correctly we'll send you a free set of replacement reed plates mounted on the comb. It's common that harmonicas being played often fall out of tune within a year so this benefit is incredible! This guarantee is only good for ONE set of replacement reed plates. If the harmonica goes out a second time in the year, it is not covered; but that's still like getting two harmonicas for the price of one!  The Bushman Harmonica of the Month Club truly is the best harmonica deal in the industry!

How It Works:

On the first business day of each month we will send you a Bushman Delta Frost Harmonica.  Your debit/credit card will be charged $35.00 once the harmonica has been shipped.  We'll send you an email 1 week before that asking you what key you'd like.  Choose from the following 14 major keys: A, Ab, B, Bb, C, D, Db, E, Eb, F, F#, G, High G, and Low F.

You can quit the Club anytime! We'll still honor the 1 year guarantee on any of the "Harmonicas of the Month" that you recieved while you were a member.  Any free stuff you already received is yours to keep with no repayment required.